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[OLYMPIA] GAYS AGAINST WORK — Mayday Everyday x Illegal Pride

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Noise Demo / (Car) March / Dykes on Bikes
June 1st, 4pm, Meet in the Lot at State & Henry
So called Olympia, WA

This mayday cars and bikes loudly and joyously paraded through Olympia Washington, demanding an end to rent and housing for everyone. We stopped at property management companies and landlord office disrupting the new-normal of quiet streets and “essential business”, dropping banners and flyers to show our commitment to each other and antagonism with those that makes our lives less livable.

As we yelled out our sunroofs, sang along to RMR saying “fuck the boys in blue”, and waved at friends on bikes, we found a way to capture the joy of being together on our favorite holiday even with distance between us. Mayday opens up a portal to another world, and we don’t want it to close. As the pandemic disrupts the logic of capitalist time, we feel more sure than ever we can bring the fall of the Gregorian calendar and have Mayday Everyday (or at least once a month).

We ask you all to join us in this experiment on June 1st. A parade for the workers who refuse to work, for the queers who have always found a way to be together. As we are threatened with entering “phase two” a euphemism for the horror of returning to a dishwashing job that really might kill you this time, if it wasn’t already, let us again announce our refusal. Together we can conjure the spirits of gay rebels to celebrate the general strike and turn towards a world without work.

Make your car into a float, play some jams and make some noise, ride your bike, fly a banner, bring your friends, your dreams of a different world, and all the rage you can muster.

They want business as usual, let’s manifest collapse instead.