Action Attack

Happy May Day: Bank smashed and vandalized in Olympia, WA

Submitted Anonymously

In the early hours of May 1st, we heeded the call for a decentralized May Day and sneaked up to a Wells Fargo bank, vandalizing the building with the words “HAPPY MAY DAY,” jamming the ATM with glue and smashing out its windows. In doing so, we show our support and solidarity with May Day actions across the globe, and to remind ourselves how easy it is to attack. Banks are responsible for putting families on the streets, for protecting the gems of the ruling class and for funding companies which destroy our world.

We also glued the locks and vandalized several Real Estate businesses with the words “STOLEN LAND” and “PIGS PIGS PIGS” in solidarity with the Nisqually people and all indigenous struggles for autonomy.

Against the State and all its institutions!
Long Live La Zad!
Happy May Day!