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Olympia: Blood Red paint against the state

received anonymously –

On the second night of the City sponsored Arts Walk we went downtown with a bag full of blood red paint in a symbolic action against the Olympia Police Department’s killing of Timothy Green.

We filled a paper bag with paint and left it in front of City Hall to ooze over onto the sidewalk and littered flyers in the area naming all the cops directly involved with this murder and warning the downtown community of the dangerous pigs the city has on the loose.

The police will keep killing until they are abolished and the idea of policing is a thing of the past. This action will not be what ends the state and its reign of white supremacist terror, but as anarchist it feels important to continue attacking in whatever ways we are able and nurture a culture of anti-state tactics. We want to learn to act and be fierce in our refusal of the state, its violence, and its shitty art.

Rest in power Timothy Green. Forever ACAB.

-some anarchists