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PNW Proud Boys – Jake Farmer, Nick Boling, Travis Taylor, Mark Rupprecht

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Rose City Antifa, working in conjunction with allied groups in the region, has obtained information on many of the Pacific Northwest-located members of the white nationalist, alt-right group known as the Proud Boys. Over the coming weeks, we will be publishing a series of articles detailing the Proud Boys’ specific brand of organized hate, and the individuals who make up this rising “weekend warrior” gang, in order to alert the community about the threat that this group poses. You can follow along on our website and on Twitter, using the hashtag #DoxxAllYourBoys.

Articles in the Series:
Introduction: The Pacific Northwest Proud Boys – White Nationalist Social Club
Volume 1: Robert Zerfing, Travis Nugent, Caleb Stevens, Ethan Nordean
Volume 2: Dominick Owen, “Tiny” Tusitala John Toese, Aaron Laigaie, Anthony Edward Bell
Volume 3: Russell Schultz, Kory Bentley, Derrick Lancaster, Daniel Garris
Volume 4: Rob Cantrall, Dakota Gilmore, Pete Venturo, Graham Jorgensen, David Silliman
Volume 5: Matteo Dagradi, Donovon Flippo, Jason James, Aaron Williamson
Volume 6: Jake Farmer, Nick Boling, Travis Taylor, Mark Rupprecht

Jake Farmer

Jacob Andrew Farmer

Jake Farmer is a violent, racist, and particularly anti-semitic member of the Proud Boys who lives in the Vancouver, WA area. Farmer acts as the leader of the Vancouver regional chapter. In keeping with the Proud Boy custom of virulent misogyny and flexible moral standards, Farmer, like Robert Zerfing, has been sued for child support by a former partner. Farmer’s hobby of traveling from Vancouver to Portland to incite violence may precede Joey Gibson’s repetitious cycle of hate rallies by at least six months; on July 4, 2016 he traveled to Portland to attack anyone he felt was disrespecting the U.S. flag.

Jake Farmer attacks people in Portland on July 4 2016
Jake Farmer traveled to Portland to assault people on July 4, 2016 along with fellow Vancouver residents Joseph Bomers and Taylor A Ray-Jones, both of whom would later also join the Proud Boys hate group. Lauren Barrett, a Proud Boys affiliate who, along with Proud Boy Rob Cantrall, recently threatened to burn down a bookstore in Berkeley CA, also chimes in with her approval.

Farmer began to follow Joey Gibson in June of 2017, accompanying him to Olympia, WA to harass students at Evergreen State College while wearing Proud Boy colors. Like many other members of the Proud Boys hate group, Farmer continues to attend Joey Gibson’s bigoted and violent rallies, but distinguishes himself by forgoing the Proud Boys’ usual dog-whistle vocabulary in favor of overt and extreme expressions of racism, homophobia, misogyny, and anti-semitism.

Jake Farmer in Olympia
Jake Farmer in Olympia with Pam Brumfield-Uriarte at Joey Gibson’s Evergreen State College harassment rally.

Jake Farmer in Portland
Jake Farmer rides through Portland in the back of Proud Boy Donovon Flippo’s truck at an aborted Patriot Prayer rally on September 10, 2017. Joey Gibson didn’t show up because of massive community opposition to his facilitation of Nazi organizing and murders.

Jake Farmer at an anti-immigrant hate rally
Jake Farmer is photographed helping to assault activists at Joey Gibson’s December 9th, 2017 anti-immigrant hate rally. Also pictured are Kerry Hudson, white nationalist Allen Pucket, Quincy Anatello, James Johnson, Aaron Williamson, David Julian, Robert Zerfing, Joey Gibson, David Machado, Travis Nugent, Russell Schultz, Derrick Lancaster, Cameron Heugly, Mark Callahan, and Ian Kramer.

Jake Farmer at an anti-immigrant hate rally
Jake Farmer in multiple photos from Joey Gibson’s 12/09/2017 anti-immigrant hate rally. Also pictured are local fascists Liam Wynn, Matt Duffy, Alex Becker, and “Germany”; as well as fellow Proud Boys Aaron Williamson and Gabriel Bowman; and far-right Nazi-sympathizing YouTuber Leo Stratton.

Jake Farmer boasts online about assaulting activists
Jake Farmer boasts on his Facebook page about having assaulted activists at Joey Gibson’s anti-immigrant hate rally.

Jake Farmer with Joey Gibson
Jake Farmer is photographed at Joey Gibson’s violent June 3rd, 2018 rally in downtown Portland. Also pictured is another member of the Proud Boys hate group, who inexplicably threw a brick at a passing car.

Jake Farmer is gullible
_Proud Boy Jake Farmer apparently believes that an obviously-fake antifa flyer is real. He seizes on this opportunity to act righteously indignant and victimized, and his performances elicits responses from his fellow Patriot Prayer followers: Proud Boy Jason James repeatedly fantasizes about shooting and killing anti-fascist activists who oppose the Nazis he rallies with; far-right YouTube bigot Leo Stratton pretends he is victimized by the fake flyer; Washington state Proud Boy and fantasy-caricature-artist Naphtali Moore spouts a homophobic slur while referencing the neo-Nazi slogan known as “the 14 words”; Proud Boy Russell Schultz celebrates fascist dictator Augusto Pinochet’s murder of political dissidents and displays the logo of the neo-Nazi organization Anticom; and violent Portland Proud Boy Jacob “JD” Stockton, also apparently fooled by the clearly-fake flyer, uses the alt-right epithet “cuck.”_

Jake Farmer is gullible
Jake Farmer continues to believe the far-right’s idiotic conspiracy theories even as he himself administers a fake antifa page likely to fool a number of his extremely gullible friends.

Jake Farmer brings his young child to a Nazi propaganda rally
_Jake Farmer brings his infant child to an “It’s Okay To Be white” Nazi propaganda rally in Vancouver WA on November 25, 2017. This event was organized by Morgan Brandfors in collaboration with members of the PDX Stormers neo-Nazi organization. Joey Gibson also brought his young son to this Nazi propaganda rally, and was photographed chatting with neo-Nazis Alexander Becker, Raul Gonzalez, and neo-Nazi pedophile Jarl Rockhill while his young son stood a few feet behind him next to passing traffic._

Jake Farmer spreads a Nazi meme
Jake Farmer spreads variations on a neo-Nazi meme.

Jake Farmer is a homophobe
Proud Boy Jake Farmer posts racist and homophobic materials on Facebook.

Jake Farmer is a racist
Jake Farmer posts racist materials on Facebook.

Jake Farmer is a racist
Another racist Facebook post by Proud Boy Jake Farmer.

Jake Farmer victim blaming
Jake Farmer victim-blaming the survivors of the Stoneman Douglas High School massacre while using racist imagary to mock student activist Emma Gonzalez’s ethnicity.

Jake Farmer uses homophobic slurs against a school shooting survivor
Jake Farmer uses a homophobic slur to describe the survivor of a recent school shooting.

Jake Farmer misogynistic meme
While others are offering thoughts and prayers on social media in the wake of another mass shooting Jake Farmer seizes the opportunity to place his misogynistic spin on the tragedy.

Jake Farmer slamming an anti-fascist activist's head into a concrete wall
On June 3rd, 2018 in Portland, OR Jake Farmer grabs an anti-fascist demonstrator from behind and slams his head into a concrete wall. Another bigot proceeds to stomp the demonstrator while he’s on the ground.

Jake Farmer boasts online about assaulting activists
Proud Boy Jake Farmer boasts on Facebook about having assaulted an activist and then sprayed them with bear mace while they were on the ground.

Jake Farmer sprays bear mace into a crowd
On June 3rd, 2018 in Portland, OR Jake Farmer sprays bear mace indescriminately into a crowd of anti-fascist activists while being protected by the police.

Jake Farmer pretends Nazis are not a threat
Despite being linked to the killings of many people, Jake Farmer pretends that Nazi organizing is not a threat; and that those who oppose Nazi organizing, are in fact the real threat.

Jake Farmer panders to the alt right
Despite Patriot Prayer having repeatedly attempted to distance itself from the alt-right, the group’s followers and enforcers, such as Jake Farmer, retain their alt-right allegiances and actively work to promote Joey Gibson’s events and brand among racists and neo-Nazis.

Jake Farmer is an antisemite
Jake Farmer is a virulent anti-semite.

Jake Farmer is a misogynist
Jake Farmer calls a service industry worker who was harassed and threatened by members of the Proud Boys hate group a misogynist slur.

Jake Farmer riffs on a white nationalist meme
Using a racist affectation with roots in white supremacist forums, Proud Boy Jake Farmer riffs on an obscure piece of alt-right discourse about pitbulls which is intended to justify White Nationalist and neo-Nazi belief systems.

Current Details

Name: Jacob Andrew Farmer
DOB: November 18, 1988
Description: 5’9” Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown
Vehicle: White Chevy SUV WA BDK3604 lots of gun stickers on the back window
Facebook: (antifa parody page that Jake says he runs)

Nick Boling

Nick Boling

Proud Boy Nick Boling lives with his grandmother in Lynnwood, WA, where he posts racist and misogynist materials on social media and rests up between attending bigoted rallies.

Nick Boling is a misogynist
Nick Boling expresses a casual derision of women consistent with the unsophisticated misogyny of the Proud Boys hate group.

Nick Boling attends an Islamophobic rally with Patriot Prayer
Proud Boy Nick Boling attends a June 10th, 2017 Islamophobic hate rally in Seattle co-organized by Patriot Prayer and the ACT for America hate group. He is pictured here marching with Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson.

Nick Boling boosts a racist propagandist
Nick Boling shares the anti-immigrant sentiments of racist right wing propagandist and historical revisionist Dinesh D’Souza.

Nick Boling attends a Patriot Prayer rally with other fascists
Proud Boy Nick Boling is photographed at Joey Gibson’s violent August 6th, 2017 rally in Portland’s waterfront park. Also pictured are hate preacher Arcadio Pena and racist Patriot Prayer follower Kristopher Foster.

Nick Boling attends a Patriot Prayer rally with other fascists
Proud Boy Nick Boling at Joey Gibson’s August 6th, 2017 rally. Also pictured are fellow Proud Boys JB Hedges, Anthony Edward Bell, Pete Venturo, Ethan Nordean, Aaron Laigaie, and Robert Zerfing; fascists Liam Wynn and Jake Von Ott; neo-Nazi Alexander Becker; hate preachers Blake Sheely and Arcadio Pena; 4chan neo-Nazi propagandist Morgan Brandfors; Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson; and Patriot Prayer of Oregon admin Joseph Harrison.

Nick Boling attends an anti-immigrant hate rally
Nick Boling marches at an Islamophobic hate rally in Seattle, WA on June 10, 2017. The rally was put on by hate group ACT for America and co-sponsored by Joey Gibson’s Patriot Prayer group. He is seen here marching with Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson, as well as with fellow Proud Boys Ethan Nordean, Dominic Laufenberg, and Spenser O’Neill.

Nick Boling attends an anti-immigrant hate rally
Nick Boling at Joey Gibson’s December 9, 2017 anti-immigrant hate rally, also pictured are Patriot Prayer founder Joey Gibson; fellow Proud Boys Donovon Flippo, Aaron Williamson, Cameron Heugly, Caleb Stevens, and Nazi Proud Boy Dominick Owen; violent far-right youtubers Justin Sheets, Keith Campbell, and Kerry Hudson; hate preacher Quincy Anatello and his violent white nationalist colleague Allen Pucket; regional fascists Thorsson Snyder and Liam Wynn, and Patriot Prayer followers Jay Harris, David Machado, and James Johnson.

Twitter user witnesses Boling mocking murdered activist Heather Heyer
At Patriot Prayer’s event at the University Washington on Febuary 2nd, 2018, a Twitter user witnessed Nick Boling mocking the murder of anti-racist activist Heather Heyer.

Boling expresses admiration for a disgraced reactionary political operative
Nick Boling expresses his admiration for disgraced GOP “ratfucker” and infamous conspiracy theorist Roger Stone. Pictured with Stone are Russell Schultz, Robert Zerfing, Matteo Dagradi, Derrick Lancaster, Jake Farmer, and Philip Arola.

Nick Boling attends an anti-abortion rally using rhetoric that has inspired shootings
_Nick Boling attended Patriot Prayer’s June 9th, 2018 anti-abortion rally at a Planned Parenthood in Kent WA. In their style of incitement to political violence, Joey Gibson’s statements regarding the event were remarkably similar to the rantings of Colorado Springs clinic shooter Robert Lewis Dear Jr._

Nick Boling spreads white nationalist propaganda
Proud Boy Nick Boling promotes a racist propaganda film by white nationalist demagogue Lauren Southern.

In early February of 2018, Nick Boling was arrested in Washington state when he and a group of his obnoxious far-right bigot friends were asked to leave a bar and Boling subsequently assaulted a woman working there as a bartender.

Nick Boling assaults a service worker

Nick Boling assaults a service worker

Nick Boling assaults a service worker

Nick Boling assaults a service worker

Current Details

Name: Nicholas Stewart Boling
DOB: December 27, 1989
Description: 5’9” 145 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown
Address: 5309 180th St SW, Lynnwood, WA (grandmother’s house)
Vehicle: Yellow Toyota FJ Cruiser WA 981XHL
Criminal History: arrested on assault charges in Whatcom County WA on 2/3/2018

Travis Taylor

Travis Taylor

Travis Taylor is a relatively recent convert to the Proud Boys hate group. He attended a couple of their “flag wave” events on freeway overpasses, and Joey Gibson’s violent June 3rd, 2018 rally in downtown Portland. On June 30th, 2018 he attempted to intimidate people by yelling in their faces but quickly ran to hide behind police.

Travis Taylor at a Patriot Prayer rally
Travis Taylor attends Joey Gibson’s June 3, 2018 rally in downtown Portland with violent white nationalist hate preacher Allen Pucket, Pucket’s new intern Levi Cross, hate preacher Quincy Anatello, and Proud Boy Daniel Garris.

Travis Taylor at a Patriot Prayer rally
Travis Taylor at Joey Gibson’s June 3, 2018 rally with fellow Proud Boys Travis Nugent, Donovon Flippo, and Tiny Toese; white nationalist hate preacher Allen Pucket and his toady Levi Cross; hate preacher Quincy Anatello; Patriot Prayer founder, grifter, and pretend senate candidate Joey Gibson; racist homophobe Edie Dixon; and bigoted former-martial-arts-instructor Ian Kramer.

Travis Taylor at a Patriot Prayer rally
Travis Taylor yells in a Portlander’s face on June 3, 2018 at Joey Gibson’s violent downtown rally. Patriot Prayer follower Ian Kramer had just assaulted a journalist, and the Portlander apparently intervened to de-escalate before Travis Taylor embarrassingly puffed his chest out and started hollering “Stand down” against the Portlander and the journalist who had been assaulted.

Travis Taylor's weird racist fetishism of an Asian man
A bizarre post on Facebook in which Taylor fetishizes and demeans an Asian man in some sort of an attempt at humor.

Taylor shares a racist meme
Taylor shares a racist, misogynist meme that both insinuates surivors of sexual abuse and torture by ISIS are animals, and traffics in a racist charactarization of Middle Eastern men.

Taylor share Jason Van Dyke's open letter
Taylor approves of violent racist attorney Jason Van Dyke’s letter concerning the Pacific Northwest Proud Boys. Apart from serving as the Proud Boys’s legal council, Jason Van Dyke is best known for making gruesomely racist death threats on Twitter and posting about his romantic failures on the neo-Nazi website Stormfront.

Current Details

Name: Travis L Taylor
aka: Travis Tay Tay
DOB: July 29, 1987

Mark Rupprecht

Mark Rupprecht

Kent, WA resident Mark Rupprecht attempts to present himself as a “respectable” family man, but has been deeply involved with fascist Alt-Right organizing for a good amount of time.

Mark Rupprecht and Gavin
Mark Rupprecht poses with racist rich guy Gavin McInnes and fellow member of the Proud Boys hate group Anthony Edward Bell.

Mark David Rupprecht is in touch with white nationalist organizing
Mark Rupprecht was in contact with a Seattle-based white nationalist who goes by the name “Rosario Sicario” when plans were being made around forming a regional chapter of the violent alt-right FOAK organization along with fascist Austin Gillespie, aka Augustus Invictus.

Mark Rupprecht and Morgan Hutchins
Mark Rupprecht and fellow member of the Proud Boys hate group Ethan Nordean pose with Morgan Hutchins, who is also friends with Atomwaffen Division neo-Nazi Wade Mendisabal.

Mark David Rupprecht fash wave meme
_Rupprecht makes use of “fash wave” to inveigh against degeneracy. Fash wave is an aesthetic developed by internet Nazis to make their hateful rhetoric seem cool.

Mark David Rupprecht grins at a demonstration
Rupprecht takes a selfie at the women’s march in Seattle, WA in January of 2018. Patriot Prayer and their hate preacher friends stormed the march in order to yell misogynist abuse at participants.

Mark David Rupprecht ma class=
Rupprecht nods along to Joey Gibsons platitudes with white nationalists Jake Von Ott, white nationalist hate preacher Allen Pucket, and sex offender Deme Cooper.

In October of 2017, Rupprecht almost hit a stopped car at 40 mph while driving drunk. While we don’t like to mock individuals’ issues with drugs or alcohol, this casual disregard for human life is endemic to the Proud Boys’ activities both in daily life and as a group. That Rupprecht refused to comply with a sobriety test, and yet at the end still managed to thank the officer “for his service” when he was picked up from the police station by fellow Proud Boy Ethan Nordean, is perhaps a perfect example of the combination of nationalist fervor and violence that makes the Proud Boys the danger they are.

Rupprecht DUI 1

Rupprecht DUI 2

Current Details

Name: Mark David Rupprecht
aka: Mark David
DOB: April 8, 1981
Address: 22736 125th Ave SE Kent, WA 98031
Vehicle: silver Nissan Sentra Sedan WA BEJ7746
Facebook: (old)

Proud Boys Are Not Welcome

The communities of the Northwest will not tolerate violent white supremacists like the Proud Boys on our streets. Over the next few weeks Rose City Antifa will be releasing information on many of the Proud Boys in Oregon and Washington, so that locals can stay safe from these violent bigots. You can follow along on our website and on Twitter, using the hashtag #DoxxAllYourBoys.

Rose City Antifa will continue to defend our city and our communities against any incursion by racists and fascists. If you have information about Proud Boy or other white supremacist organizing, please email us at [email protected].