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Portland: Attack on Adidas Headquarters In Retaliation For 2022 Qatar World Cup

submitted anonymously –

Early November 20th, several hours before the opening ceremony of the 2022 World Cup, we smashed up most buildings at the Adidas North American headquarters in Portland, Oregon. We shattered windows, broke doors and covered walls with paint across the corporate campus, including office buildings, the gym and cafe. Adidas is one of FIFA’s primary long-term partners, and a main sponsor of the World Cup in Qatar this year.

The history of the World Cup is one of death and displacement. Every stadium stands upon the dead bodies of workers who built it. In Qatar, over 6,500 migrant workers from South Asia died during the decade of preparations for the 2022 World Cup, forced to work in slave conditions. The World Cup was made possible by hundreds of thousands of migrant workers forced into labor through a combination of physical violence, threats of imprisonment, passport confiscation, debt bondage, and more. Every World Cup involves the violent evictions and displacement of thousands, replacing whole neighborhoods with stadiums and other infrastructure. The entire operation is protected by huge increases of militarized policing and surveillance, with 3,000 riot cops sent from Turkey, 4,500 soldiers from the Pakistan army and forces from the British Royal Navy and Air Force coming to Qatar to enforce control during the World Cup.
All this is enabled by the huge companies that sponsor the World Cup and FIFA in the interest of profit.

We reject the logics of global capitalism and the state, and the endless violence they create together. All that’s left to do is fight back.

In every city you can find the property and infrastructure of companies complicit in the World Cup.
This is a call for a month of attacks against all involved, wherever they are, from now until the Cup’s ending in late December.
Find a target, gather your friends, and make a plan to strike back!

From Portland to the world,
Fuck Adidas. Fuck FIFA.
Death to work, every state and every cop.

The sponsors and partners of FIFA and 2022 Qatar include:

-Coca Cola
-Wanda Group
-Qatar Airways
-Qatar Energy
-Frito Lay
-The Lock Company
-Mengniu Dairy
-Anheuser-Busch InBev
-New Balance