Action Attack

Portland Police Cruiser Makeover!

Submitted Anonymously

Happy May Day to the Portland Police, we hate you!

We do appreciate how silly we get to make you look on the dawn of our holiday, though. We wanted to set the tone for May Day in Portland by hitting up some parked cruisers outside the piggies clubhouse with a few gallons of paint on the windshields and anywhere else we could. The action took less than 15 minutes, but we thoroughly went through our plans a, b, c, and d several times. We checked in with each other routinely leading up to and after the action, changes were made whenever someone had a concern and everyone’s autonomy was respected. We don’t need to march down the street to attack the state.

Picnics are great for camaraderie, but we should still be taking away every bit of power from the capitalist state every chance we get.

Looking forward to seeing what other MAYhem gets going today 😉

-some folks