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All Out Against Three Percenters In Seattle!

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Call for a counter-demonstration against the far-Right three percenter militia which will be hosting a rally in Seattle alongside several members of the GOP.

Washington “Three Percent” militia members are holding a rally on Sunday, January 5th at 12 noon outside Seattle City Hall. This is their first high-profile return to the city since August 4th, which saw them involved in not only assaulting Seattle Sounders supporters demonstrating against racism and fascism in the stands, but also threatening violence at a migrant solidarity event that was largely attended by elders and pacifists.

Three Percenter leaders are currently building connections with the neo-Nazi group, “American Guard,” as well as anti-homeless hate groups like Safe Seattle, whose failed city council candidate Ari Hoffman was on the rally’s speaker bill (Hoffman has since dropped off the bill, replaced by Patriot Prayer’s Joey Gibson).

The group is also attempting to make inroads with other far-Right politicians and even the Washington State Republican party, setting up the possibility of a continued alliance between politicians and right-wing militia groups which last year paralyzed a proposed climate bill in Oregon. The list of speakers for Saturday’s rally includes Republican Party candidates for state-level offices and the Chair of the Washington GOP, Caleb Heimlich. On their Facebook page, the Washington Three Percenters also declare their support for Matt Shea, a far-Right Republican who was heavily involved in militia activity across the US and has promoted the idea of an authoritarian Christian theocracy.

List of Republican and Libertarian speakers at militia rally

Other chapters and cells of the Three Percenter militia have been involved in a string of anti-immigrant and anti-Muslim bombings and attacks across the United States, and several groups and individuals of Three Percenters also participated in the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville. Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer, for years has worked to create a big tent of far-Right forces that includes white nationalists, neo-Nazis, and the Proud Boys – in order to attack antifascists, Black Lives Matter activists and the Left on the streets.

We are calling on all of our friends and allies to join us at City Hall, 600 4th Ave, at 12 PM on the 5th as we show these fascists the door! Note, other antifascist and anti-racist groups are mobilizing at 11 AM.

There will be coordinated medics and jail support on site. Bloc up, bring your friends, and come ready to make some fucking noise.

For more context on the Washington Three Percenters and their anti-Semitism, check out this piece from the John Brown Gun Club.

For more context showing Ari Hoffman’s role in rapidly pushing the public discourse around the unhoused toward fascism. For more context on Joey Gibson and his associations with known white supremacists and rapists, check out this article from Pacific Northwest Antifascist Workers Collective.