Solidarity Memorial for Anna Campbell in Olympia, WA

From Demand Utopia

The following report from Demand Utopia details a memorial rally for fallen YPJ volunteer and anarchist, Anna Campbell.

A comrade and friend of the late YPJ fighter Anna Campbell organized a memorial in Olympia, as they were unable to attend Anna’s memorial in her hometown of Bristol, UK.

We helped promote the event, along with Olympia Assembly and IWW. We are deeply grateful to be given the opportunity to help in this way.

Many thanks to all from the community who came. Our hearts go out to the friends, family and comrades in arms of Anna, and to the loved ones of all who have lost their lives fighting to protect the dream of a better world.

Their struggles are our struggles, and are the reason we continue to demand utopia. Sehid namirin, the martyrs are immortal!