Action Repression

Solidarity with J20 Defendants from Olymipa GDC and Supporters.

From Olympia GDC

On the evening of June 25th 2018 members of IWW, GDC, and antifascist supporters held a small demo in downtown to show our support to the J20 defendants. Many of those who have been on trial are members of IWW and GDC, and their membership has been used as evidence by the prosecutors of the trial. This is clearly a tactic of the state to justify repression of political dissent. This is something that is not not new to the IWW, as we were brutally prosecuted in the anti-war movements of WWI and the Red scare after WWI. We are in solidarity with those who stand up to the evils of fascism and nationalism.
With love and solidarity,
The General Defense Committee of Olympia Local 20