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Defend PDX: Patriot Prayer’s Violence Must End

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Joey Gibson and his crew of violent bigots unfortunately are once again calling for a rally in Portland which is without fail a pretext for assorted Alt Right bullies, Nazis, homophobes, and unsavory characters to gather in hopes of brutalizing the most vulnerable people they can find.

It is very important that antifascists keep up the pressure so that we can stop them once and for all.

While many accolytes have broken away from Gibson at this point, the core that remains, largely Proud Boys, have grown increasingly violent. For this reason we must sustain our campaign, and keep up our efforts on as many fronts as possible until they completely cease their despicable activity.

At the last demo on June 3rd, the Proud Boys and company came in swinging but much to their dismay the PPB did not act as their private army to the extent they have in the past. Typically the right-wingers have enjoyed a red carpet treatment while antifascists have been on the receiving end of chemical weapons, non-lethals, and other tools of repression.

Without the same level of assistance from the PPB the Patriot Prayer entourage received a steady beating for the majority of the day by antifascists. This was a humiliating defeat for their side and spurned a two-day temper tantrum where Gibson and his snowflakes whined in an effort to demand better customer service from the PPB.

They have now tried to put a spin on it in typical Gibson style by saying the complete opposite of the truth. He calls his message “love” when the unifying ethos amongst his crew is hate. He calls his rally for “freedom” and “courage” when they actually want to be completely protected in a fortress of police, and are astonishingly cowardly, with a well documented record of attacking the smallest and least threatening people they can find.

Gibson is saying that a bunch of Alt-Right supporters from out of state are going to show up. Who knows if this is true. One thing he is absolutely correct about is that the city of Portland will continue to stand up to him and any Trumpsters he ships in. We are indeed city workers, teachers, nurses, bartenders, parents, and people from all walks of life. And we are united in our opposition to the rise of fascism in this country and we sure as hell will not let it take our streets.

No Pasaran!