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Who is American Wolf?

Admin note – American Wolf is based out of Olympia, Washington but are reported to have attacked someone in Portland on August 15 2020.

Submitted anonymously –

American Wolf is a new vigilante/political group in Olympia led by Peter Diaz, a rightwing grifter with a trail of failed businesses and a love for far right politicians. Claiming to be peacekeepers, they show up to anti-racist protests with weapons, paintball guns, zip-ties, and tasers, threatening and assaulting protestors. Do not be fooled by their claims to support Black Lives Matter. They are far right Trump supporters attempting to normalize right-wing political violence.

Peter Diaz

Self-described “freedom fighter,” grifter, owner of many failed businesses (including a repo company “Nationwise Recovery” and a bikini barista stand “Ooh La Latte”), and a leader of American Wolf. Diaz began building his brand during anti-lockdown protests, but became a local fixture during the Black Lives Matter protests in Olympia starting June 4th, 2020. Diaz claims to be a “peacekeeper” but travels with an armed gang of vigilantes carrying weapons, paintball guns, zipties, and driving around in vehicles with the license plates removed. Diaz has made multiple statements about his intentions to kidnap “violent protestors.” He employs several American Wolf members at this used office supply company 3D Systems LLC, and may be paying American Wolf members to come out on the streets with him. Diaz currently owns CHET Tree Care and famously likes public urination. Diaz seems to be a paid protester: he donated $4,000 to Loren Culp’s election campaign, owns a limousine, multiple trucks, a box truck, a giant RV and claims that he’s a “full-time freedom fighter.”


David Buchmann

American Wolf recruit and employee of Peter Diaz’s company 3D Systems, LLC. Regular and antagonistic presence during American Wolf outings. Actively recruits on Facebook for American Wolf, including promising people the possibility of “a good job” if they volunteer with AW.


Brian Pentt

Brian Pentt owns Apentt Tree Care LLC/ West Wind Tree LLC, based in Elma, WA. American Wolf regular and recruiter on Facebook. Traveled to Portland on August 15.


Agatino “Tino” and Nikki Fortunato

Tino and Nikki are affiliated with Private Sector Arms, American Wolf, and Olympia Police Department. Tino was spotted delivering pizza to OPD on June 12 in his black Escalade with the license plates removed.


Timothy Acker

Timothy Acker is a member of American Wolf, active duty US Army, and White Lives Matter enthusiast. He attempted to assault protesters to steal an American flag destined for a bonfire, and then played the victim for being resisted.


Eddie Hepfer

American Wolf member since at least June 4. Celebrates protesters getting run over by vehicles, and threatens to murder protesters on Facebook. Notably claimed that he wished protesters would try to assault him. On July 12 he got his wish after attacking an anti-racist protest, assaulting multiple people and then landing in the hospital. Eddie now claims to be a peaceful victim of assault, in typical right-wing spin.


Darin Michael

Softball coach, dad, and right-wing reactionary who partners with American Wolf and Peter Diaz. Do you want this man coaching your kid’s softball team? Part of American Wolf since at least June 12.


Mike Holt

MMA fighter, street brawler, and muscle for American Wolf. Mike Holt is clearly itching for a fight and has provoked multiple incidents in the streets since June 4th. On August 15th he traveled to Portland in the American Wolf limo with other AW members to harass and provoke a BLM march.


Michael C. Hamilton

Tattoo artist with “Red Zone Tattoos,” American Wolf enthusiast, Facebook conspiracy theorist, and anti-antifa wingnut. Present at a July 13th confrontation between reactionaries and protesters in downtown Olympia.


Brad Goodman

American Wolf member, Loren Culp supporter, anti-antifa, anti-masker. Regularly open carries a handgun. Present at many events in Olympia, including a July 13th pro-cop demonstration organized by reactionaries, and traveled to Portland on August 15th with other AW members to harass a Black Lives Matter event.


Joey Tinnell

American Wolf member, QAnon enthusiast, and anti-masker. Present with American Wolf from early June on, went to Minneapolis on June 2, presumably with Peter Diaz. Confusedly claims to support justice for George Floyd while actively collaborating with vigilantes who denigrate George Floyd on Facebook and spin racist conspiracy theories about Floyd’s death. Present in Portland on August 15th.



Have more info or photos of reactionaries in the Olympia area? Email info to olytipline (at) protonmail (dot) com.