A Letter of Solidarity From the Year 3017

Submitted Anonymously


This is a message of love and support for the earth liberation fighters who held down the 2017 Olympia anti-fracking rail blockade, from a collective of free mutants located – not in space, as are the origin points of most gestures of solidarity, but in time. We can’t be certain but most in our world are sure that it is just over one thousand years since the date of your magnificent action. The events you took part in are located at a polyphasic rift in the skein of space-time – a thin, partially torn zone where different points on multiple, concurrent dimensional timelines can co-exist – and in fact your blockade actually helped widen the time-rift to the point that we could get this communication back to you. This is far from the first message we’ve been able to get back to your age – in fact we have gotten millions back, but our powers of communication are usually weakened by the immense distance and are often location-specific, to the point that many who have and will receive our urgent messages of support, advice and warning are considered insane in your time, or in left-leaning small towns are known as extremely weird writers or artists. In fact most of those to whom we have made contact had to make recourse to psychedelic visions, trance states, or dreams to receive and relay our messages. We are writing to you, our ancestors, from our ritual circle at the exact place of your blockade on the tracks except we are from the future you have helped to safeguard.

You made your Stand in an area we know as one of the ancient First Places of Resistance, where your global civilization, enslaved by an increasingly self-aware and demented industrial megamachine – known to us and a few of you as Leviathan – began its final phase of annihilation. In our time we remember your blockade as one of the many great sites of creative rebellion against the accelerating death-drive of your civilization, and as an attempt to move beyond both the joyless, often cynical fatalism of the so-called “environmental” consciousness of your time and the sickening passivity of your “normal, law-abiding” peers. The anti-fracking barricades you helped to maintain are one of the marker-events of what we call the Years of Understanding, when many humans began to realize there would be no escape from the world they and their ancestors had seriously damaged – not into space, as many will desperately and foolishly hope, not into a clean, “green” technological version of the capitalist hell-world as it was at the beginning of the 21st century, as Normals and even some “radicals” will blindly believe, and certainly not into the celestial heaven hoped for by the followers of the Dead God, whom you know as Christians – although many of their souls will finally be removed from the Cycles of Rebirth during the Years of Awakening about 150 years from your current time.

You can’t know it yet, and in order to maintain the Balance we cannot reveal too much, but the century following your action will be harder on your human race and our shared god-planet than any your people have yet seen – suffice to say that the projections of mass die-offs, self-destructive warfare and industrial collapse, and increasing climate catastrophe are all in some way going to come to pass. Although many of the Normals of your age refuse to admit it, the process of mass bio-death and transformation begun during the 20th century set the stage for what we now know was a great phase-shift in the lifewave of our planet, a time beginning around your own when many Forms perished in order to teach humanity the consequences for breaking its ancient pact with the Earth. The coming years will reveal so much to you, though much of it will be painful. All lifeforms will continue their processes of mutation in response to the toxins, radiations, electrical pollutions and extreme climate conditions of the post-industrial and digital centuries, creating many new species and Forms: some will be hideously nightmarish, like the acid-blind rats of your massive landfills and the super-powerful bacteria which will wipe out so many of you, created by your society’s massive reliance on antibiotic medicine; some will be grotesquely perfect or specialized, genetically engineered during the years before the Blackout to fill some absurd role in the collapsing capitalist economy, like pesticide-tolerant corn, ultra-docile cows, and gene-designed humans, all of whom, we know, will pass away into the Dust after their host corporations stop constantly producing them because they lack the Life-Spark, the true will to survive which cannot be lab-produced; a precious few of the new Forms will be purely miraculous, like the mutagenic Fungi which will help you and other mammals survive the waves of radiation released by your collapsing nuclear plants, the algae which evolved to break down the fuels and plastics your peers carelessly released into the wondrous Oceans of your age, and even you yourselves.

Your species is already transforming and evolving, developing wildly complex psychic and aetheric powers like those of your ancient ancestors which are in our time completely normal, although many who herald the Change during your years will be cast out, medicated into submission, imprisoned, punished, lulled into the Humming Quiet by your digital devices or just ignored as dreamers and magicians. The devastating wars, pogroms, concentration camps, refugee crises, rural extermination and urban pacification programs your world has been experiencing for so long will continue for more generations, and many of your kind will lose all hope. So much will be lost forever during the years you have yet to live. Across your time-space, the Police and the Normals they guard and control will continue to ravage our homeworld, trying to continue feeding the Leviathan, taking more ore and oil from the Earth’s body, filling more stores with useless and expendable garbage, taking increasingly desperate measures to avoid the truth that their death-trip is coming to an end. Ironically, before we found these thin zones in the space-time membrane – where we can directly observe and contact the past and future – much of what we knew of the 21st century was gleaned from excavations by wandering seekers of those great warehouses of abandoned merchandise which belonged to the god-corporations of your time such as Wal-Mart, Best Buy, and Safeway. There are vast, ruinous museums in our world where the amassed detritus of your aeon is laid out in chronological sequence, from the undecayed ammunition casings of the World Wars to the infinitely preserved snack pastries and candy bars of the late 20th to the titanic piles of small rectangular screen-devices your people seem to worship, and which will domesticate you better than any whip or cage. When we look back through our circles in these rift-places, however, where we can use the Sight to watch you and our other ancestors, we understand the desperation of your present moment, and the courage it takes to resist its onslaught. It is no coincidence that your media culture is already filled with films and books and other works of art which dream of the Leviathan’s destruction – some of them, such as The Road Warrior, 28 Days Later, 12 Monkeys, The Matrix, and Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind survived the centuries of ruin and are still shown often in our villages to remind us of what it was like in your time…

We did not craft this message, however, to tell you that all is lost. In a sense, nothing is lost. EVERYTHING IS ALWAYS BEGINNING. All events and entities have their place in the Cycles and occur for a reason. Those of you who believe in and act for the planetary lifeforce, known as Gaia, Nature, Pan, and many other names, must know in your hearts that even the mass extinction and cruel materialism of your age would not exist if they did not serve the evolution of the grand Saga of the Worlds. Many of the enemies of freedom and wildness of your time – like the Police, the Technocrats, the Patriarchs, and the Consumers – will be wiped out in the centuries that follow your own, though they will continue lashing out until their annihilation point. Take heart. We cannot say how, and we cannot reveal much more than we already have, or else the Balance may curve and warp and our times may be severed from one another. The powers we freely possess and their art are already known to you, and in some senses have been with your species since long before the Change – the Normals of your age often derisively called them Spiritual Technology, or Magic. Their lessons are few but powerful: all that can be imagined is already real; true power arises from the Earth and the other Spheres; other Worlds are possible; laughter is the true safeguard of sanity; Belief is the secret key. There is so much more to say but our link is becoming frayed – the presence of Police and Tech-Normals thickens the Veil and can temporarily erase the time-rifts we use to reach you – we will try to share more from when we can rest and re-cast our circle…

Many will approach your rebel bases and claim that the hour is too late, that the megamachine can’t be stopped, that one train won’t tip the scales, that it’s already over. From our perspective one thousand years in the future, however, sitting as we do among the massive trees and fungal gardens and meteor scars and stone shrines which now overlay this train track you are blocking, nothing could be further from the truth. Every single action mattered. We remember you, the blockade on the railroad you have bravely created, and the adventure you all lived together as one of the first of many acts of the Long Uprising, when the Earth called the last of her warriors to protect the life that remained so that the Cycles could continue, though each moment seemed to bring new horrors and the Normals hunted, repressed and imprisoned the free mutants almost into extinction. There is no such thing as a lost act of rebellion.