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Occasionally, a story on this website attracts attention from groups other than our intended readership. More than a few times, mainstream media have referred to the "Puget Sound Anarchist Group," or implied that this website is the mouthpiece for an anarchist group.

We thought it would be obvious, but apparently we need to say it explicitly: There is no "Puget Sound Anarchists Group" and this website and its editors speak for no one. Pugetsoundanarchists.org is a news website that runs stories by or of interest to anarchists in the Puget Sound region. We accept signed or anonymous submissions.

Olympia Activist Outed as Alt-Right Type

(Content warning for Anti-Semitism in pictures & her twitter)
A local Olympia activist, who's name we believe is Karma Reynoldson, has
turned out to be an Alt-Right, self described 'American Nationalist'.
Activists whom we've talk to about her have told us she said things like how
much she hates trump, hates cops, supports black lives matter, and stuff like
that, but that it has sounded forced and that many got 'weird vibes' from
As it turns out, by scrolling through her twitter, she's very anti-left (and

Defend Our City: Take Action Against Milo at UW!

Professional troll Milo Yiannopoulos will be coming to UW as part of his
"Dangerous Faggot" speaking tour on Friday January 20th and will be speaking
in room 130 of Kane Hall from 7-10PM. If you're not familiar with his work,
here is a cited list of some of the disgusting behavior he engages in:
https://tinyurl.com/jb2ws38 We are of the opinion that this behavior can not
be ignored. Instead he's testing what we will ignore so that he can escalate.

The Racist In Your Class: Stop the UW College Republicans

Submitted to PSA:


The above link is a poster for the text below. For wide dissemination.

The UW College Republicans are hosting alt-right MIlo Yiannopoulous at UW. They claim that they don't agree with Milo's racist and transphobic rhetoric; they just believe in 'free speech.'

Don't believe them: Their leadership's close friendships with Neo-Nazis and White Supremacists reveal them as far more comfortable working with racists than they'll admit.

January 20th Call for autonomous action

The idea is out there, and calls for a “general strike” have begun to
surface throughout the political void. Socialists and Bernieites displeased
with their own lack of political agency are grasping for a thing to do in
this moment, to maintain relevance. But their thoughts on this day, on
inauguration day, are merely an attempt to gain political power and further
their campaigns. They are not concerned with the growing threats of poverty,
fascism and white supremacy but in fact uphold this system based on those

Help keep Milo Yiannopoulos off the UW campus

UW College Republicans have a GoFundMe put help pay the security fees for
bringing Milo to campus:

Fortunately, hate speech is against the GoFundMe policy. Given that Milo has
been banned from Twitter for hate speech, and has recently harassed a trans
student, there's really no question this qualifies. Lets remind GoFundMe to
enforce their policies.