Noise Demo Flyers & Posters

A poster for the New Years Eve Noise Demo is available here

A two sided handbill is also available here (side 1) and here (side 2)

The flyer reads:

Every year on December 31st people all over the world gather outside of jails and prisons to demonstrate solidarity with those who have been kidnapped by the state and to demonstrate hatred for the pigs that keep them locked up.

Prisons are part of the same racist police state that murdered Mike Brown, Eric Garner, John T. Williams, and so many others. Where the police evolved from slave patrols and white vigilante violence, prisons carry within them the legacy of plantations and slavery. As we are in the streets fighting back against police killings, let us remember those who the state has tried to bury alive behind bars. The police and prison are two pillars of white supremacy and all other forms of domination

Let's tear them apart.

National Call Out For NYE Noise Demos

Freedom will blossom in the ruins of the prisons.

Proposal for Prison Noise Demos Across North America on New Year’s Eve
December 15, 2014

Over the past twelve months, new waves of revolt have swept over this
continent and the entire world. Against the terror of the Mexican state and
its bloody cronies, demonstrations, riots, and attacks have radiated outwards
from Ayotzinapa. Triggered by the racist violence of U.S. cops, rebels across
the middle of the continent have achieved a new level of intensity and
coordination. Blockades and occupations continue to simmer and spread in the
Canadian state, with burning barricades built by Mi’kmaq warriors in 2013
finally finding echoes in the Bay Area. It’s vital that we link our
practice of New Year’s Eve noise demos to this eruption of social conflict.

Call for Actions Against Chick-Fil-A

This is a call to action!

We all know Chick-fil-A is an intolerant company that donates to religious
and authoritarian hate groups. Chick-fil-A is building three new restaurant
restaurants in Tacoma, Bellevue, and Lynnwood, they are under construction. A
new group in Washington was created to boycott them called Boycott Chick fil
A in Washington. According to this group: "Chick-fil-A donated money to the
Family Research Council (FRC) which has been listed as a hate group by the
Southern Poverty Law Center. The FRC lobbied the U.S. congress on a bill that
would condemn the Uganda Anti-Homosexuality Act, which would make being gay
punishable by death. The FRC lobbied congress to convince them not to
consider gay rights universal. Supporting policies that allow for gay people
to be put to death is extreme whether you support marriage equality or not."

We need to fight this company and stop them from spreading to Washington like
a virus. We need to make sure these construction sites are sabotaged. Stay
safe and work at night or when construction is not on site. Here are the
addresses for each location:

Protesters in Seattle become violent Saturday, throw rocks at police

From The Mainstream Media

Saturday, protesters of the recent Ferguson decision marched throughout downtown Seattle.
Seattle DOT tweeted updates, disruptions, and traffic delays in the morning and into the late afternoon.
At around 4:00 p.m., Seattle Police advised that protesters had become violent.
The demonstrators, who had initially gathered at Garfield High School, split into groups.
One group split off and tried marching onto State Route 99 along the Alaskan Way Viaduct.
When police blocked the crowd from entering the viaduct, police say some protestors ‘pushed against officers and began throwing rocks.’
Shortly after the rock throwing, another protester was arrested near 1st Avenue and Bell Street, after pushing an officer and then jumping on his back.
At around 4:30 p.m., officers said 150 protesters had arrived at Westlake and Denny, and were still occupying the road.
A third protester was arrested for assault at around 5:00 p.m. on Saturday.
Officers said the third arrest occurred near Denny Way and Fairview.
By 6:00 p.m., many of the protesters had dispersed, and Seattle DOT advised at that time there were no longer any confirmed road closures.
In all, seven protesters were arrested at the end of the march, according to police.
Five people were arrested for assault, and two were arrested for pedestrian interference.
All seven will be booked into the King County Jail.

New Years Noise Demo @ The Juvie

New Years Noise Demo at the Juvie
Wednesday December 31st, 2014 9:30 PM

Every year on December 31st people all over the world gather outside of jails and prisons to demonstrate solidarity with those that have been kidnapped by the state and to demonstrate hatred for the pigs that keep them locked up.

Noise demonstrations are meant to break the isolation of prison by breaking through the walls with the sounds of solidarity. In a very real way, this small gesture can remind those on the inside that they are not alone and that there are many of us out here who are fighting alongside them. Like other solidarity actions, this noise demo is meant to strengthen the resolve of the defiant, courageous rebels the state is trying to coerce into participating in their strategy of repression.

Recap of Monday December 1st Protest in Seattle

From The Unreasonable Times

What we witnessed last night, was a well planned and well executed maneuver by the Seattle PD to effectively inhibit the protestors from moving freely throughout the city. For the first time since the protests started a week ago, the police effected the course of the movement. Before Monday night, the police actually acted as an enabler for the protestors, directing traffic and blocking roads to let the protest move, stop, then move again. It is clear that the protest’s success on Black Friday has prompted the city to take stronger measure to ensure that there is no disruptive behavior that could negatively effect business in the downtown area. Before the protest even began, all the large retail stores downtown had a squad of riot police posted outside. In all, the newly armored police squads outnumber protestors by at least 3 to 1.

Ferguson's burning. What did Seattle do on Saturday night?

Rather than engage in a war of attrition with the RCP, some anarchists
decided to call for a distinct demonstration in solidarity with Ferguson
rebels for Saturday night November 29. The call-out was titled "Ferguson's
burning. What's Seattle gonna do?". The intention was to create a space where
people could act their rage however they saw fit, instead of trying to manage
and control popular anger for a narrow political platform.

SPD Chief Promises Stronger Stance Against Troublemakers in Demonstrations

From The mainstream media

Seattle police Chief Kathleen O'Toole made good on her promise to step up the
response to protests in downtown Seattle Monday, deploying upwards of 150
officers to an evening demonstration.

O'Toole called it "remarkable" that no one has been seriously injured during
a week of anti-police brutality protests that are expected to continue for
several days.

Report Back from Black Friday Shut Down

In honor of Mike Brown, and in response to the grand jury decision not to
prosecute Darren Wilson, protests and disturbances occurred across the
country on Black Friday. Protesters invaded malls and shopping centers, shut
down public transit, halted commerce, and demanded vengeance for Mike Brown
and all victims of police shootings.

In Seattle, several events were called for, but all blended together in a 5
hour long roaming march and disruption of Capitol Hill and downtown. Energy
was high, as was antagonism against the police and business as usual. What
follows is a partial account—the authors were not present for the entire
event, and could not have seen everything in any case. This is from our
perspective, but more perspectives, and more reportbacks, are always

The Police Serve, Young People Die…An Open Letter on Calls for “Peace” in Response to Police Murder

The following is a letter that was recently written to protesters in France . We are re-posting it here because the points being made in this letter are relevant to the struggle that has been unfolding in Seattle in the last week.

The letter that follows was written by Farid El Yamni, the brother of Wissam
El Yamni, murdered by the police in Paris, France on New Year’s Day 2012,
and is addressed to the mother of Rémi Fraisse, murdered by police during a
protest in France on October 31st of this year. He wanted it to be made
public, but the letter has also been sent to her house.

Replace Rémi with Mike Brown and it’s just as relevant, it’s the same
story everywhere.
November 3rd, 2014

I write to you at a time where in Paris violent demonstrations are condemned
and peaceful sit-ins praised.

I lost my brother in very similar conditions to those in which you lost your
son. My brother, who took such good care of my mother, has left us, he’s
never coming back. The loss of my brother was immensely painful, and I feel
that same pain every time the State kills another person. “Within danger,
lies that which can save us,” someone once said. Every time the State
kills, we also have the opportunity to stop it, to force it to change, and to
give others back their lost dignity.